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"The hats I create are made in the tradition of classic millinery, blocked and sewn entirely by hand and are truly couture."


~ Janet Sidewater

FEATHER IN YOUR CAP® creations are a reflection of the ancient art and noble sport of falconry. Every feather used comes from the actual quarry of a falconry hunt. All sales raise money for environmental organizations which protect and preserve natural habitats. It's important to me to be involved in having a positive impact on our planet. Therefore, a portion of the proceeds from our sales is donated to wildlife organizations which protect the habitats of all birds of prey.

By safeguarding the environs of these magnificent creatures, we in turn safeguard ourselves and our future.



I have 3  FEATHER IN YOUR CAP® chapeaux
(and counting...!) and love each more than the next.
They win fans wherever we go!

- Mamie Duff

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